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How to Create…

…Your Own Happiness

Most of us believe that happiness is an event. However, it is more a state of mind. Happiness is not based on how much you have, how much you achieve, or how many degrees you have.

Happiness is a state of mind that is always with you at the choosing. While it is very difficult to be happy all the time, you can create little pieces of happy throughout your day and throughout your life.

In order to be happy, there is not one thing you need to do or one thing you need to have either. Creating your own happy means to simply choose it. Happiness is a choice and is there for you to pick.

Start off by making a conscious choice to feel happy. Think about what happy feels like, what happy looks like, how happy shows up in your life. Then, focus on those events and times when you felt blissfully happy.

Recall those memories, feel them, remember how you felt and feel it again in this moment.

Recall Fond Memories

By recalling fond memories in a moment where you are angry is a great way to pull you out of a dark place. However, this works best when you find yourself angry for too long. If you are angry for too long, it is best to sit with yourself or remove yourself from your house and go for a walk.

Sit quietly or walk while clearing the clutter of your mind. Recall a time when you were truly satisfied and blissful. Hold onto that and let the current situation dissipate knowing that this too shall pass.


Smiling and laughing, according to some research is good for your health. Apparently, endorphins are released when you smile and laugh. So go ahead and have a belly laugh and a good chuckle and smile even though you may not really feel like it at the moment. It will do your body and your mind a world of good.

Get off your Pity Pot

Look for things in every situation to be grateful for even if it is a major change. If you have left your job, look at it as an opportunity to start anew. If something has broken down, seek to see if the new repair will enhance your home and make it more valuable regardless of the fact that you may spend a few dollars now; you may make your home more saleable.

If you are at odds in a relationship, see where you can take responsibility and what you can learn from it for future relationships.

Look for the slightest of things in the mundane and every day such as a flower, running water, your dog jumping all over you. Anything that can make you smile, is worth thinking about because in the end it will help you to create a little happy. And, a little happy goes a long way.

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