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6 Ways to Enjoy…

…an Incredible Retirement

Living Your Golden Years to the Fullest

Here it is, the day that seemed so far away, has arrived…retirement. You are filling out your papers, your co-workers are throwing you a celebration, and you bid your farewell. What now?

Suddenly, you have gone from not having enough time to do things, to having all the time in the world. But suddenly having all the time to do things can seem daunting. However, retirement can be a very relaxing time, as there are many opportunities and new memories to make.

Let us look at the top six ways you can begin to live your best “golden” years:

1 – Time to Travel

This subject tends to be a desire on most peoples bucket lists. Well, there is no time like the present. Besides, this is why you worked hard all those years. For probably the first time in your adult like, you will be able to go to places that you have always wanted to see and experience.

In fact, according to AARP.org research found that as of 2019, retirees, desire to spend their travels both domestically (47%) and internationally (48%) almost equally. Also reported was that women and men both feel overall that traveling solo was safe.

2 – Meet All New People

As famed composer Amadeus Wolfe quoted, “Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.” It is still true today, particularly if you moved away after retirement. It can be really refreshing to have new friends.  One big bonus of finding a new acquaintance is a travel excuse. When you create that new bond with someone in another state or country, you have a reason to go and see them.

3 – Break Out that Bucket List

Attempting new desires or dreams is what makes us human, no matter what age we are. Try to do something you have always wanted to do, but you have never had time because you have been busy with a career and family. Perhaps one of your “always” wanted to try items might be learning to play the guitar? What better time to learn than right now? You might just find a new friend or two.

4 – Capitalizing on Your Skillset

This kind of idea goes together with learning new activities but gives you more confidence to share your life experience. This can be a great time to volunteer your time. If you have spent your professional days taking professional photos, maybe this is the time to investigate taking more classes on the subject or even taking part-time work as an event photographer.

If you like volunteering, you can still help others in the community with meal donations, clothes drive, and school supplies for kids who do not have one. This is also a good time to volunteer with a cause your passionate about.

5 – Remembering to Enjoy Life

Do not forget to take time to care for yourself. Although it is important, both mentally and physically, to fill your days with desired activities, it is just as important to rest.

Acknowledge and accept that bodies change over time. If you cannot walk to the store and back anymore, accept that it is okay. If you need to rest more, do that. These years are all for your enjoyment and security. Take care of your mind and body for a long, happy life.

6 – Make Peace with the Past and Move On

So much of our lives we spend pleasing others in some fashion. While there are many memories that have long faded, it is time to let go of all the skeletons of the past.

These retirement years are yours and yours alone. You have earned the extra naps, long vacations, and quiet nights at home. You have also earned your due peace with others. Keep only good memories. As inspirational author Chiara Gizzi wrote, “Let go of the past, but keep the lessons it taught you.”

In Summary

Keep your mind and body active in your golden years. Accept the past, and only look into the future. You are good enough. Reward yourself with happy memories that you can share with others with old and new friends alike.