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Enlighten Up!

Most of us living on planet Earth these days (if you are halfway paying attention to what is going on in this world) are probably feeling stress, uneasiness, and downright fear about our future here. Well, the only things that we have absolute control of are our perceptions and the attitude we assume  in our daily lives. We can choose to live our lives in a good and graceful way while, hopefully, influencing others around us in a positive manner in order to make their lives a little better.

Much of what is being said on this blog are insights that, and wisdom of which, often comes with age and maturity. Hence, Gift of Age. Living well into the second half of life is a gift and we can make this time sweeter by making the effort to gracefully embrace and live this life that we’ve been given with awareness, authenticity, and accountability – all of which seem to be in short supply these days. Let us all make it a goal of bringing all of that – the three As – with more of the three Ls – light, love, and vibrant life into this world. And, I will reckon that if enough of us chose to do so and to succeed at varying degrees, we will affect a greater and positive change around the entire world and for the planet.

Therefore, I present the articles here that will serve to assist us with that seemingly lofty, but attainable goal. And, believe me, I am most likely the one who needs to read and to be reminded of this stuff the most – much of which we all probably already know, but has gotten buried under the stresses and burdens of daily life.

If you are interested in finding out more about a particular topic such as developing willpower, achieving happiness, and some of the others discussed here, links are provided on the posts that will take you to my Exceptional eBooks.com site where you will have the option of purchasing an eBook on the subject. Also, in the near future I hope to have links for appropriate audio books, most of which I have already bought and been listening to for several years now. All of the products that I recommend are of top quality and are relevant to helping us improve our lives.

Remember to take time to breathe deeply and invest in yourself. Your future may depend upon it. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to ‘enlighten up’ in the meantime!

Thank you very much for visiting and spending time on this site.

Leila Rhoden